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Artios Awards

"Artios" from the ancient Greek, meaning "perfectly fitted."

In October of 1985 the Casting Society of America presented the first-ever Artios Awards for Excellence in Casting at an awards luncheon. Held in the Crystal Room of the Beverly Hills Hotel, the event was attended by more than 500 industry leaders and seven CSA members were honored for their work in four different casting categories. In 1988, the first Artios Award for theatre casting was presented at a ceremony in New York. Today simultaneous events are held annually in Los Angeles and New York, and members are honored in over twenty different casting categories, for work in Film, Television and Theatre. The criteria are originality, creativity and the contribution of casting to the overall quality of a project. Nominees and winners are voted on by members in good standing of the Casting Society of America.
The Artios is awarded to those CSA members who receive primary screen (or program) credit for casting on the winning project. Location Casting Directors, Casting Executives and Department Heads who are CSA members and who receive credit on winning projects also receive an Artios Award. CSA Associates on those projects are recognized in the press and with a certificate.

List of past nominees and winners by year:

2015 - 30th Artios Awards - Click Here

2014 - no awards - shifted from Fall into Awards Season

2013 - 29th Artios Awards - Click Here

2012 - 28th Artios Awards - Click Here

2011 - 27th Artios Awards - Click Here

2010 - 26th Artios Awards - Click Here

2009 - 25th Artios Awards - Click Here

2008 - 24th Artios Awards - Click Here

2007 - 23rd Artios Awards - Click Here

2006 - 22nd Artios Awards - Click Here

2005 - 21st Artios Awards

2004 - 20th Artios Awards

2003 - 19th Artios Awards

2002 - 18th Artios Awards

2001 - 17th Artios Awards

2000 - 16th Artios Awards

1999 - 15th Artios Awards

1998 - 14th Artios Awards

1997 - 13th Artios Awards

1996 - 12th Artios Awards

1995 - 11th Artios Awards

1994 - 10th Artios Awards

1993 - 9th Artios Awards

1992 - 8th Artios Awards

1991 - 7th Artios Awards

1990 - 6th Artios Awards

1989 - 5th Artios Awards

1988 - 4th Artios Awards

1987 - 3rd Artios Awards

1986 - 2nd Artios Awards

1985 - 1st Artios Awards

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