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Gemini Awards

Recognizing and celebrating excellence in Canadian English-language television since 1986.

Established in 1979, the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (ACCT) is a national, non-profit, professional association dedicated to the promotion, recognition and celebration of exceptional achievement in Canadian film, television and digital media. Unifying industry professionals across Canada, the ACCT is a vital force representing all screen-based industries.
In 2006 the first Gemini Award for Achievement in Casting was presented. This award honors excellence in casting in any area of Canadian television production.


Past Winners

Gemini Award For Best Achievement In Casting


  • 2015 - Sharon Forrest, Susan Forrest for Orphan Black - Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion
  • 2014 - Lisa Parasyn, Jon Comerford for Bomb Girls - Guests of Honour
  • 2013 - Sara Kay, Jim Heber, Jenny Lewis ? Todd and the Book of Pure Evil ? BYOBOPE
  • 2011 — Marissa Richmond, Libby Goldstein*, Andrea Kenyon*, Suzanne Smith, Randi Wells for Durham County.
  • 2010 — John Buchan* and Jason Knight* for The Summit.
  • 2009 — Marsha Chesley for The Line
  • 2008 — Carmen Kotyk for The Englishman's Boy
  • 2007 — Lynne Carrow and Melissa Perry for Intelligence
  • 2006 — Jenny Lewis and Sara Kay for Heyday!

    *Also CSA member.