Russell John Boast

casting director

Co-president, CSA Board of Directors

Casts for Film, TV, Theatre, New Media

About Russell John Boast

  1. Russell was born and raised in South Africa. His extensive career in the movie business began when he was hired to work with producer Lloyd Phillips and director Martin Campbell on “Beyond Borders” starring Angelina Jolie. He moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and swiftly found himself in demand by the Hollywood Theatre, Film and Television industry. He worked as an Associate Casting Director and Casting Director alongside his mentor Rick Pagano "X-Men”, “Aliens”, “Hotel Rwanda" and with Debi Manwiller "24 - The Series" for Pagano/ Manwiller Casting for over 8 years before branching off with Debi Manwiller to form Manwiller/ Boast Casting. Recent television credits; “Chance” for FOX/ HULU, “Insatiable” for CBS/CW, “Wicked City” for ABC/ABC, the “Unt. Mars Project” for CBS/CW, “Franklin and Bash” for TNT/ SONY and “Good Christian Bitches” for ABC/ DISNEY. His Film credits include; “The Tribe”, "Paradise Club", “Tortured”, “The Guest Room”, “From The Head”, “Home Run Showdown” and “White Irish Drinkers” with creator of “The Ghost Whisperer” John Gray which Russell Cast and Co-Produced. Russell is currently the President of the Casting Society of America, heading up the organization's Inclusion and Diversity and Training and Education Committees. Russell’s commitment to Inclusion and Diversity within the entertainment industry has lead to numerous roundtable and teaching events. He is spearheading the development of a number of high profile Inclusion and Diversity initiatives, including; a comprehensive Inclusion and Diversity handbook for the Casting and Entertainment Community; the introduction of a bi-annual Inclusion and Diversity Expo for the Entertainment Industry and the development of an Inclusion and Diversity Training Program targeted towards Casting Directors, Studio and Network Executives, Writers, Directors and Producers. He has been nominated for two NAACP Theatre Awards and won Best Producer at The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media Awards (London) in 2012.