Suzanne Mary Smith

casting director

CSA European Chapter Board of Governors

Casts for Film, TV

About Suzanne Mary Smith

  1. Suzanne is a double Emmy Award winning Casting Director for BAND OF BROTHERS and The PACIFIC. Suzanne works out of the UK and is based in London. She works primarily in television and feature films and has worked in theatre. Suzanne started her career as an assistant to the late great Rose Tobias Shaw, an American Casting Director in London, working on multiple American mini-series. After five illuminating years with Rose Suzanne went solo and began to explore the Theatre casting musicals such as CRAZY FOR YOU, TOMMY and CAROUSEL at the National. Suzanne then returned to Television and Film. In recent years she has cast all the seasons of OUTLANDER ( Starz) CARNIVAL ROW (Amazon) GOOD OMENS (Amazon/BBC) SHADOW & BONE (Netflix) WARRIOR NUN (Netflix) BLACK SAILS (Starz), ABSENTIA (Sony) plus several films from the RESIDENT EVIL franchise,