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About Dee Miller

  1. Dee was born in Chicago, Ill where she started working as a Model & Actress at an early age. She moved to S. Fla when she was 17 & continued her Acting & Modeling career for a few years, but then decided she would much rather work behind the camera. She worked in many different areas, Hairstylist, Make-up, Script Supervisor, Non Union Agent, Union Agent until she realized that being a Casting Director was what she would have the most passion for. In 1976 Dee opened the The Casting Directors Inc. Some of the most famous Directors that Dee has cast for are: Michael Bay, Bob Clark, Jonathan Demme, Bruce Dowad, Paul Krasny, Spike Lee, Paul Newman, Joe Pytka, & Franco Zeffirelli to name a few. Some of the Films she has cast for are: The Champ, Easy Money, A Night In Heaven, Flight Of The Navigator, Revenge Of The Nerds, Nerds In Paradise, Police Academy, Married To The Mob, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway & Dostana. Dee has cast for over 75 Feature Films, 6500 plus TV Commercials, & the first 3 seasons of the Miami Vice series. Since launching her business Dee continues to cast for projects for clients from all over the world. Dee takes great pride in personally conducting all of her own casting sessions. Clients & peers are always amazed with her endless dedication & energy given to each & every project no mater how large or small. Dee is regarded as a true professional in her field & has been an intricate part of the growth of the Film Industry in South Florida.

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