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Casting Society of America Sets New Board Members, Establishes Workshop Committee

April 15, 2016

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Casting Society of America Sets New Board Members, Establishes Workshop Committee


Los Angeles, CA (April 15, 2016) - The Casting Society of America today announced several appointments to its Board of Directors and its Workshop Committee. The announcements were made by Richard Hicks, President of the Casting Society of America.

The newly elected members of the CSA Board of Directors are Danielle Aufiero, Leah Daniels-Butler, Amanda Lenker Doyle (associate), Whitney Horton (associate), Sara Isaacson and Marci Liroff.

The continuing members of the Board, who are at the midpoint of their two-year terms, are Kerry Barden, Russell Boast (newly appointed Vice President), Richard Hicks (President), Ivy Isenberg, Matthew Lessall (newly appointed Co-President), Charley Medigovich (associate), Rich Mento (newly appointed Secretary), Claire Simon, Mark Simon (Treasurer), Kim Marie Swanson and Bernard Telsey (New York Vice President).


The continuing members of the CSA’s New York Chapter Board include James Calleri (Treasurer), David Caparelliotis, Jessica Daniels, Joy Dewing, Rachel Hoffman, Rosalie Joseph, Stephanie Klapper, Cesar Rocha (associate), Tara Rubin, and Susanne Scheel (associate).


The CSA Board also established a Workshop Committee. The Workshop Committee members are Amanda Lenker Doyle, Richard Hicks, Matthew Lessall, Marci Liroff and Kim Marie Swanson.


The CSA Workshop Committee will seek to preserve and enhance the educational value of casting workshops taught by CSA Casting Directors and Associates in various forums.  The Committee will also foster increased awareness and understanding among CSA members of the Casting Workshop Guidelines created in collaboration with Los Angeles City Attorney’s office. 


“CSA Casting Directors and Associates are among the industry’s foremost authorities on the alchemic aspects of casting and acting.  It’s an expertise which they generously share in various educational settings. This newly established Workshop Committee intends to ensure that all CSA members fully understand and abide by the Casting Workshop Guidelines wherever they happen to teach,” said Hicks.  “We have begun to explore the creation of new, officially-sanctioned CSA programs to broaden access to casting education, while upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.” 


About the CSA

The Casting Society of America (CSA) was founded in February of 1982 with the intention of establishing a recognized standard of professionalism in the casting field and providing its members with a support organization to further their goals and protect their common interests. CSA currently boasts more than 700 members. CSA Casting Directors and Associates work around the world, with members based in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Africa. The CSA is a global resource for producers, directors and creative teams seeking casting professionals, while promoting the image of casting directors and associates worldwide, engaging in a number of charitable activities, and supporting its members by sharing important and helpful professional information. For more information on the Casting Society of America, please visit

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