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A TOWN HALL CONVERSATION with Casting Directors and Actors with Disabilities

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This is the first event in the CSA’s “Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in Casting Initiative,” a series of conversations and workshops designed to effect concrete change in how actors in historically underrepresented communities are afforded access to job opportunities.

(posted 09/11/15)

30th Annual Artios nominations announced in the press

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Artios Nominations for 30th Annual Artios were announced in the press.

(posted 09/23/14)

Lynn Stalmaster, Pioneering Casting Director, Now in Spotlight at 86

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Stalmaster, who helped to bring to light everyone from William Shatner to Christopher Reeve to John Travolta, is an honored guest at this weekend's TCM Classic Film Festival.

(posted 04/14/14)

The Hollywood Reporter December 11, 2013

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"Why Do These Women Get No Respect?"

(posted 12/11/13)

Santa Fe Film Fest

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Santa Fe Film Festival’s First Annual Film Industry Event “Tune Up” announces Emmy-nominated Casting Director, Artios-winner, and CSA National Board of Directors member, Kerry Barden.

(posted 12/02/13)

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