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Casting Director Susan Shopmaker on the Search for “Tramps”

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Susan Shopmaker talks about finding movie stars before they're movie stars and the importance of scrutinizing every decision to make the best film.

(posted 04/18/17)

Casting Society of America's 2017 Artios Awards Winners

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As the Casting Society of America held its 32nd annual Artios Awards tonight, honors were passed out to such films as La La Land, Hidden Figures, Hell or High Water, Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight as well as TV series like Mr. Robot and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

(posted 01/24/17)

The long road to casting the child stars of 'Moonlight,' 'Lion' and 'A Monster Calls'

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Casting a film is a challenging endeavor in itself, but finding the right child actor for a lead role is especially difficult.

(posted 01/16/17)

2017 Artios Award Nominees Announced

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Check out the nominees!

(posted 01/03/17)

Joan D'Incecco Has Passed Away

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Legendary ABC daytime casting director Joan D'Incecco passed away on Friday, December 16.

(posted 12/27/16)

'It's (Sexy) Asian Men!' Hallelujah!

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Julia Kim, a casting director and member of the Casting Society of America, told me that she's seeing more Asian-Americans, the fastest growing ethnic group in the country, showing up for casting calls. This, she said, gives casting directors more options to take to filmmakers.

(posted 12/06/16)

Casting Directors and the Academy: Why Lynn Stalmaster’s Honorary Oscar Matters

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“Lynn found ways of spinning characters that were written on the page into something unexpected and [find] the kinds of actors who provided those kind of surprises,” said Rubin.

(posted 11/20/16)

Casting Directors Under Pressure to Represent Today’s America in Film, TV

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“I feel like ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ in many ways, and ‘Scandal’ after that, and ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ after that — we sort of changed something,” Lowy says. “We moved something a little bit in the right direction.”

(posted 11/01/16)

‘Atlanta’ Walks a Line Between Magic Realism and Keeping It Real

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That’s a long way of saying that “Atlanta” is one of the best cast and most brightly acted shows of any kind on TV.

(posted 10/19/16)

Screen, British Council celebrate 2016 Stars of Tomorrow

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Lessall commented: “The Casting Society of America is excited to continue our relationship with the BFI London Film Festival and British Council. As the leading worldwide organisation of casting directors and with nearly 30 casting director members in London, CSA is committed to highlighting the valuable role a casting director plays in Fi...

(posted 10/11/16)

An Unexpected Dream Come True For The New, History-Making Annie

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For the young star and her family, it’s a dream come true, although unexpected. “We went up there for a vacation,” says Jennifer, “and we came home on that plane knowing that our lives had just changed—our daughter’s life had just completely changed.”

(posted 09/20/16)

From 'Stranger Things' to 'Magic Mike,' Carmen Cuba is a go-to casting director

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“I’ve always really flown — or tried to fly — very much under the radar,” says casting director Carmen Cuba.

(posted 09/15/16)

Jackie Chan, Anne Coates, Lynn Stalmaster, Frederick Wiseman to Receive Governors Awards

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The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present Governors Awards to actor Jackie Chan, film editor Anne V. Coates, casting director Lynn Stalmaster and documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman.

(posted 09/01/16)

Winona Ryder's Casting in Stranger Things Wasn't an 80s Nod

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"We have an amazing casting director, Carmen Cuba," says Matt Duffer, "Her first idea for the show was Winona Ryder. I think we all, us and Shawn, immediately fell in love with that idea."

(posted 08/24/16)

When you get six acting nominations like 'The People v. O.J. Simpson,' the casting team has done its job

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Emmy nominated for “O.J.” with colleagues Nicole Abellera Hallman, Courtney Bright and Nicole Daniels, McCarthy began her nine-month immersion into doppelganger casting at the behest of series creators Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. She'd worked with the writing duo on their fact-based Margaret Keane biopic “Big Ey...

(posted 08/12/16)

Locarno: Antoinette Boulat and Elsa Pharaon Win First European Casting Director Award

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LOCARNO, Switzerland — The Locarno Film Festival’s innovative European Casting Director Award has spawned its first winner(s): France’s Antoinette Boulat and Elsa Pharaon for discovering first-timer Rod Paradot and casting him as the lead in Emmanuelle Bercot’s 2015 Cannes opening film “Standing Tall.”

(posted 08/08/16)

Captain Fantastic

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Speaking of the cast, if there was an Oscar for best casting director; Jeanne McCarthy would win. From the impeccable casting of the six children, to every minor role, including a perfectly wry turn by Missy Pyle as the mother of an amorous teenage girl (Erin Moriarty) who has eyes for the oldest child in the clan; Bo (a terrific George McKay).&...

(posted 08/03/16)

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